all the tools & services I use to make & manage my money

Productivity and Design Tools

  • Canva: Great for creating graphics and marketing materials, especially useful for nomads managing their own blogs or social media. I also use Canva in most of my work with my clients to create reels, carousels, flyers, YouTube thumbnails and banners etc.
  • Adobe Lightroom: Essential for photo editing, especially for those who rely on photography for their blog or Instagram. I use this to edit my "good photos" that I take using my camera. I also use the phone app for all of my Instagram snaps. I am not an influencer, fashion model Instagram girlie.. I am a regular person who takes normal snaps so Lightroom is perfect to quickly tweak the lighting and make the colours pop! I never over edit photographs but if you want to learn how to do that, Photoshop could also be a great tool for this.
  • Good Notes: I have an iPad which is where I keep all my to do lists, work notes, travel planning, ideas, projects and even diaries. Good Notes is great as you can have multiple notebooks and have 1 per topic or client which makes it super easy to find information and organise my thoughts. I started my digital nomad journey the old fashioned way with notebooks, but it's a pain once you finish one and I only have so much space, so can't carry around 5 notebooks for 5 different clients. And I am someone who likes to write more than typing, especially with to do lists. There are other options though like ReMarkable. The reason I went with an iPad is to also draw & watch Netflix. Whereas ReMarkable is just a notebook.
  • SnapInsta & SnapTik: I use both of these to download videos to either re-share for my clients, or to use the audio and edit a video myself.

Communication Tools

  • Zoom: For video conferencing with clients and team meetings.
  • Basecamp: I use this with 1 of my clients to keep all the to do lists and ideas all in one place. It's great if you have multiple people working on different projects within one business.
  • Google Drive: This is less of a communication tool and more of an organisational tool, but I use Google Drive to store and share all the content I create for my clients. It's super easy to use and means everything is kept in 1 place, even when working with several different clients.

Financial Services

  • YNAB: YNAB (You Need A Budget) is a budgeting tool that we use to track every single expense. It's how we know how much we are spending on food, accommodation, day trips etc. It's a pain to do it every single day, but it's worth the hassle. Try YNAB here.
  • Wise (formerly TransferWise): Offers borderless bank accounts and typically has lower fees for currency conversion and international transfers. I use this sometimes if my parents want to send me Birthday money for example. Try Wise here.
  • Revolut & N26: Popular with digital nomads for their modern banking features like easy international payments and currency exchange services. We actually use both of these banks and would recommend both. It's good to not rely on only 1 bank just incase something happens. Try Revolut here.
  • PayPal: For receiving payments from clients worldwide. I have used this in the past but I often lose money due to exchange rates and processing fees.
  • Stripe: This is the newest way I receive money from 2 of my clients. Bank transfers was costing them $25 each month but with Stripe, it's free. Which makes them happy, which makes me happy.

DO NOT USE QUICKBOOKS. I used them 1 month and they kept the money my clients had sent me. It caused a lot of frustration, anger and confusion, so don't go near them. Read Reddit if you still have doubts.

Travel and Accommodation Platforms

  • Airbnb: For finding short to long-term accommodations. We find this is the cheapest way to find accommodation. Plus you can see the photos, read the reviews and you know it's a trusted accommodation.
  • Useful for booking hotels last minute or in advance. We don't always use as it's more expensive than Airbnb but it can be good if you're looking for a special night away in a posh hotel. Or looking for an airport hotel for early/late flights.
  • Worldpackers: For finding opportunities to work in exchange for accommodation, ideal for longer stays. We did this only once when we were in Peru. We spent 3 weeks in Oxapampa with Bresly who was a fantastic Peruvian woman showing us the nature of Peru. In exchange for cheap accommodation and 3 meals a day (for only $5 per person), we took photographs of the nature around us. It was a really special experience which we will remember forever. A lot of the free accommodation is in exchange of working 30 hours per week in a bar, which isn't for us, but you can find some good deals here if you look.

Insurance and Health

  • SafetyWing: Travel and health insurance that caters specifically to digital nomads. We use the "Nomad Insurance" which costs us $44 per person every 4 weeks. We haven't had to use it yet (luckily) but it seems like a good option. Try SafetyWing here.
  • World Nomads: Another popular travel insurance that covers a wide range of activities and health concerns is World Nomads but we haven't used this one.

VPN Services

  • SurfShark: Essential for secure internet access and to bypass geo-restrictions while traveling. This is great to use whilst working in hotels, cafe's and anywhere else with communal wifi. It protects your laptop from potential hackers. People also use VPNs for watching Netflix shows in different countries. Try SurfShark here.

Travel Resources

  • Rome2rio: For planning travel routes and understanding transport options. This has been handy a couple of times in the past while navigating a new city or country.
  • Google Flights or SkyScanner: For comparing flight prices and booking tickets. I personally use SkyScanner and my husband uses Google Flights. They both do the same thing but the interface is different.
  • If you are backpacking around Asia, is the best place to find busses, trains, boats & ferries. It's super reliable and we used it all the time whilst in Asia.

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