Do you need help with social media?!

If you're a small business who has been struggling to keep your head above water with social media content, ideas, posting, managing, scheduling and everything in-between, I am your girl!

I work with several small businesses to take the social media stress away so you have more time to do what you do best.

Social Media is one of my passions. I love the creativity, the connection with other people and also helping small businesses succeed.

We all know social media is important these days, but it's so hard to stay ahead of the trends and to create content that will connect with our ideal audience. There is so much to think about, and so that's where I come in.

We can set up a monthly call to discuss ideas moving forwards. We make a plan and then get to work!

This could be:

  • sourcing viral content to re-share on your page
  • scheduling posts to go live according to your upload schedule
  • creating informative carousels to spread your unique message
  • creating original reels
  • editing videos for YouTube
  • YouTube management (uploading, scheduling, thumbnails, description box etc)
  • creating flyers for events, retreats, talks etc
  • sending over TikTok & Instagram trends that we can jump on
  • any other creative ideas you need help with!

"I started working with Rosie early this year in 2023 and find her to be an excellent researcher and writer, who is professional, proactive and efficient.

I wanted to take my Instagram account (which is primarily intended to be educational and inspiring) to the next level and I feel we’ve achieved that.

As a fashion designer I know exactly what I like visually-speaking and I’m able to communicate my preferences - they are well-received - and my goals get realized.

I also feel if I was not visually-inclined Rosie would provide choices and guide someone very well where they needed the extra help.

Our collaboration is seamless and easy-going. Her core competencies stem from her tech proficiency and deep understanding of how social platforms work.

I very much enjoy working with Rosie and would highly recommend her."

Wati Grosman - Founder of Circle Ahead


"I am delighted to recommend Rosie for her exceptional skills and dedication. Her humour, vigilance, creativity and intelligence shine through in her work, ensuring timely and consistent posts that align perfectly with my hectic work and global travel schedule.

I am superbusy and I need regular reminders. Rosie is on the button no matter the time zone. I really appreciate that about her.

She excels not only in managing my social media presence but also in building my profile. Thanks to her efforts, my audience now recognizes the depth of my knowledge and expertise in both yoga and karate.

Moreover, her ability to create inspiring content fosters curiosity in my students, and a genuine desire to learn more about my niche areas, and in turn about me.

Her commitment to keeping me on schedule has been invaluable, making her an indispensable asset to my online presence. I highly recommend Rosie to anyone who is serious about getting real results in their business through a social media presence."

Yanti Amos

Recommendation for Rosie Andre

"Rosie's contribution to our school has been invaluable. Initially, she developed a cohesive brand identity by creating a comprehensive set of visuals for our website, social media platforms, YouTube, and more.

Her expertise in social media, along with her graphic design and editing skills, has enabled us to produce informative and educational content that is both engaging and visually appealing.

Now, whenever you see our content online, you can immediately recognize it as ours, thanks to the strong branding and visual identity she established!"

The Warrior Flow School

Let's work together!

If you would like to enquire about me becoming your social media manager/helper, please send a message below and make sure to put "Social Media" in the subject line! Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business so I can get an idea of what you're looking for. Then we can set up a call and start working together!

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