How being mindful benefits your travels

How Being Mindful Benefits Your Travels

You might not think that yoga, meditation and mindfulness have anything to do with travel. But being aware of yourself and your surroundings can enhance your travel experiences.

I’m writing this as I’m on a secluded beach in Costa Rica. I should be paying attention to my surroundings, listening to the water and the birds.

But I spend a lot of time in my head. My inner voice is always chattering away, singing, having conversations.

It’s exhausting.

But whilst on the walk here, through the jungle, up and down hills, along beaches, I found myself in my head again. Singing a song by Adele. And not being present.

So I told my inner voice to be quiet and I paid more attention to my surroundings and all of a sudden I could hear so many more sounds.

Monkeys, birds, frogs.. the jungle came alive.

And that’s the amazing thing about mindfulness in particular. It teaches you how to be present. And how to pay attention to different things.

Right here, right now. Pay attention to your feet. Notice how they feel. Are you wearing socks or shoes? Do they feel hot or cold? Do they tingle? Do you notice any pain?

Now pay attention to what you can see. Colours, shapes, manmade or natural objects. Are you at home or work? What catches your attention?

And now pay attention to what you can hear. Any birds, construction, people talking. Really take a moment to listen. Listen to what is happening around you. Now listen to what is happening a little bit further away.

I can guarantee that when you were focusing on your feet, you didn’t hear all the sounds around you. When you were looking at the shapes and colours, you didn’t notice how your feet felt.

Our brains can’t take in all the information around us all at once. So our brain decides what we pay attention to.

But luckily, we can make conscious decisions and decide what we want to notice.

So after years of trying mindfulness techniques, I notice it benefit me on my travels as it helps me have a deeper connection to the present moment.

I still need practice. This is something I need to work on because my inner voice is a chatty one! So I'm not perfect. But it's just something I noticed today and wanted to share!

And now, having gotten this out of my brain and onto my phone, I can continue to practice mindfulness and pay attention to my surroundings.

I am laying in a hammock on the beach. I can feel the sweat on my body. I can hear the waves lapping on the shore. I can hear bird sounds and people talking in the distance. I can feel my bikini top dig in slightly to my rib cage. I can smell the ocean breeze.

I am present. In this moment. And it's wonderful!

(After I wrote this on my phone, I napped for about an hour and woke up in actual paradise! Napping on the beach is my absolute fave!)

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How Being Mindful Benefits Your Travels
How Being Mindful Benefits Your Travels
How Being Mindful Benefits Your Travels

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