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It can be hard to create eye-catching content about your hotel/airbnb with fresh eyes. It can be difficult to put this task into the schedule as an important job to do each week.

It can also be tricky if you don't have a specific someone who knows how to get good footage and put together good reels for Instagram with trending audio, colour grading etc.

It can be equally challenging to scour the internet to try to find videos and photographs from previous guests that are good enough to share on your own social media platforms.

And that's where I come in.

With a background in photography, a love of architecture and an addiction to travel. I can solve this problem for you. I know how to make a hotel look good. I also know what I'm looking for as a traveller when I am booking accommodation.

I'll come to your hotel to photograph and video different aspects of your hotel (such as the restaurant, gym, swimming pool, bar, bedroom, bathroom, balcony and anything extra that makes your property special), I'll edit the content so that you have new, fresh, good quality photographs and videos to share on your socials. Inviting more people to stay at your property.

previous collaborations

YHA Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia


Casa Santa Lucia, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico


Sokha Resort & Convention Centre, Siem Reap, Cambodia


What is UGC and why do I need it?

User-Generated Content (UGC) for hotels and Airbnbs refers to any content (photos, videos, reviews, social media posts) created by guests and creators rather than the brand itself. This content can be shared on various platforms, including the hotel or Airbnb's own website and social media channels.

UGC is perceived as more authentic and trustworthy compared to traditional marketing content. It provides real-life proof of what potential guests can expect, showcasing experiences from the perspective of people just like them. This authenticity helps build trust, which is a crucial factor in a consumer's decision-making process.

Seeing others enjoy their stays can influence potential guests to book, as it serves as social proof. UGC can significantly impact decision-making.

  • Trust and Influence: Over 90% of consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising. This trust translates into influence, with many consumers more likely to book a hotel or Airbnb after seeing positive UGC.
  • Conversion and Engagement: Websites featuring UGC see higher engagement rates and conversion rates. For instance, incorporating UGC into product pages can increase conversions by up to 20%.
  • Content Volume and Reach: UGC significantly increases the amount of content available about a property. With social media users sharing billions of photos and videos daily, the potential reach and impact of UGC are enormous.
  • Decision Impact: Around 70% of consumers will look at UGC reviews before making a purchase. For the travel and hospitality industry, this number can be even higher, as the experience is a critical part of the decision.

Examples of my UGC Photography

Clean & Bright Hotels

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How much does it cost?

I will come to your hotel for 1-3 hours (depending on the size of your hotel and amenities available), take lots of photographs and videos without disturbing your valued guests.

Then I'll go away, edit the photographs, create some engaging reels and send you all the content via email. You will have access to the content and will be able to use the photographs and edited videos for 12 months. You can post as organic content but you can also put advertising money behind it too. You can use the photos & videos on your website, social media platforms and also booking sites like and Airbnb.

You will receive 10 professional photographs and 3 edited reels that are ready to post online! This service costs $500 USD.

Colourful & Fun Hotels


Why Hotels Should Leverage UGC

  1. Enhanced Credibility: UGC enhances a property's credibility, showing potential guests that others have enjoyed their stay.
  2. Increased Bookings: By influencing decision-making, UGC can directly increase bookings.
  3. Market Insights: UGC provides insights into what guests love about their stay, helping properties adjust their offerings to better meet guest expectations.

Incorporating UGC into a hotel or Airbnb's marketing strategy is not just beneficial; it's becoming essential in a market where consumers increasingly rely on the authenticity and trustworthiness of peer recommendations over traditional advertising.

What's the difference between working with a UGC creator vs an influencer?

Collaborating with a UGC creator like myself involves generating authentic content for hotels and Airbnbs that you can utilise across your social media, invest in through advertising, and feature on your websites, granting you access to use the content for 12 months.

However, partnering with an influencer relies on tapping into their follower base and reputation, with influencers typically retaining ownership of the content they create, which may limit how you can use it.

More Examples of my UGC Reels

Let's work together!

If you would like to enquire about my UGC work, please write "Hotel UGC" in the subject of the message. Tell me a little bit about your hotel, what you're wanting to get out of working with me and we can go from there.

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