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What is a social media manager/content creator?

A social media manager/content creator is a professional responsible for creating, managing, and growing a brand's presence across social media platforms.

I specialise in:

  • Branding (colours, fonts, overall look and feel of a brand)
  • Creating content (reels, carousels, flyers etc)
  • Sourcing & scheduling popular videos to re-share on your page
  • Managing your YouTube channel (uploads, thumbnails, description box etc)
  • Content ideas

I stay up to date with the new trending audios and videos so that we can be relevant and attract a new audience.

We will work together on a monthly basis, creating content for the upcoming month.

We will have a monthly meeting to discuss content, planning etc. And I will help you in whichever areas you need to bring your brand in front of more eyes.

I am currently working with 3 businesses on a monthly basis and have space for 3 more clients.

So if you're interested, send me a message and we can discuss your social media presence and plans moving forward.

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My Current Clients

The Ceramic School

I source and schedule viral, interesting or entertaining ceramics/pottery reels to be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube.

We work on a monthly basis so that The Ceramic School shares a reels every single day which will engage their audience and further grow their following.

Instagram Following: Over 400,000 followers


Warrior Flow Official

I created their brand colours and overall look so that all their content looks consistent.

On a monthly basis, I create reels, carousels and flyers for their upcoming yoga trainings. We share blog posts, newsletters, videos from faculty and also re-share reels from other people.

Instagram Following: Over 24,000 followers


Circle Ahead

I create informative carousels about sustainable fashion, re-share reels from other creators and create original reels from Wati's videos.

We collaborate on a monthly basis as we spread the message of sustainable fashion through educational and inspiring posts.

Instagram Following: Over 650 followers


"I started working with Rosie in early 2023 and find her to be an excellent researcher and writer, who is professional, proactive and efficient. I wanted to take my Instagram account (which is primarily intended to be educational and inspiring) to the next level and I feel we’ve achieved that.

As a fashion designer I know exactly what I like visually-speaking and I’m able to communicate my preferences - they are well-received - and my goals get realized. I also feel if I was not visually-inclined Rosie would provide choices and guide someone very well where they needed the extra help.

Our collaboration is seamless and easy-going. Her core competencies stem from her tech proficiency and deep understanding of how social platforms work. I very much enjoy working with Rosie and would highly recommend her."

- Wati Grossman